3 Mar 2012



Great New blog

Hello folks b;ah blan

17 Sep 2009

The basics

We are going to use track templates for REAPER to build our FX chain. Download this Track template and put it here

C:\Documents and Settings\\Application

30 Aug 2009

The Tone Factory

Hi folks, Tedwood here

Glad you could drop in to my Tone Factory. Guitarist everywhere are desperately seeking Guitar Tone heaven, thanks to a number of hard working benevolent software developers it is not too far out of reach any more.

I am going to describe how and why you might be better off building your own FX chains instead of laying large sums of cash for the big names. Initially I will only be concentrating on FX chains for REAPER, since I don't personally use any other DAW software. However should anyone wish to convert/export anything I could post those too - but lets' not jump the gun.

That's enough of the intro's, let's discuss the nature of FX chains

Why FX chains?

Even a real guitar amp  is a kind of chain, you may have some stomp box between your guitar and amp, followed by the preamp section (for tone shaping and distortion) in your amp, then the power amp which more flavour, compression and harmonic content. The speakers and the cab itself make a huge difference to the end result, and then there is the space in which you hear that sound, adding reflections and ambience. If you were recording the amp the microphone and interface would effect the signal too. So it is quite a complex affair

All we are doing with the guitar simulator chain is to try to emulate what happens in reality. You could add delay and chorus and all manny of other wonderful to our chains but I strongly beleive you want a good wholesome clean tone if the first place before you go too mad.